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Learn How to Find Your Ideal Greater Boston Area Commercial Space and Seal the Deal

Making sure that your new commercial space meets all your structural and financial needs can be a long, drawn-out process. When you work with us, we’ll take care of the time-consuming details, leaving you with time to run your business during the search.

Learning What You Want and Need

In the first step of the process, we will visit your current space to become acquainted with your business, its environment, your employees’ work needs, and any other factors that are critical to running your business successfully. Then we’ll sit down together and talk about what you’re looking for in a new space. We’ll discuss what your current space lacks, your budget, your preferred locations and your timeline for moving.

Analyzing Your Space

After our initial visit, we will present to you a detailed analysis of how you are utilizing your current space. If we think that your present space can be retro-fitted to meet your requirements and you are best served by remaining where you are, we will tell you so. However, in most cases, finding a new space is the best solution. Working from the input you’ve provided during our initial meeting, we will commence the search for new space.

Finding the Right Commercial Space

We understand that your time is valuable and we won’t waste it by taking you to see sites that don’t match your requirements. We will look for potential spaces in our extensive database, through personal contacts and a myriad of other sources. When we find a good match, we will send you the details. We can then set up onsite visits, or if you prefer, we can visit the location, and, if we think it’s a good fit, shoot a detailed video and send it to you. If you like what you see, we’ll schedule a visit at your convenience.

In-Person Visits

Once you’ve chosen a few spaces that interest you, we will visit them together. During your visit, it’s a good idea to record your thoughts and observations in a small notebook or tablet device. If you prefer, we will videotape each space so that you will have a visual reminder to reference when you are making your decision. We’ll not only look at the actual space, but also the common areas and the surrounding area. We will share our thoughts on how you can incorporate your build-out plans into the existing space, possible expansion options and the value of the space in relation to its price and location. We’ll learn the base rental cost as well and any extras not included in the base rental rate.

Making the Decision

After viewing a number of space offerings, you’ll probably narrow your choices down to three or four for final consideration. We will contact the owners of the buildings that house your choices and have them prepare a space plan based on your requirements, which will be indicated in a Request for Proposal (RFP). When you receive the proposals, we will analyze each one as to how effectively and efficiently the space can be configured and how well the plan will allow you to implement your goals. We will also analyze the financial aspects of each proposal.

Once you select the best option from the finalists, we will proceed as follows:

  • Notifying the landlord/owner of your choice
  • Submitting a counter proposal (if necessary, to adjust build-out plans, lease specifications, etc.)
  • Approving the final terms and conditions
  • Having your attorney review the lease with proposed build-out terms and conditions
  • Signing the lease
  • Monitoring the build-out process
  • Checking the progress of construction
  • Moving into your new space.

You can rely on an extensive knowledge of the Greater Boston Area commercial leasing market to guide you through the entire search enabling you to make the move with ease. If you would like to know more about available properties in the Greater Boston Area, please email us.