Darryl Elow

Commercial Real Estate Agent & Urban Advisor

Darryl A. Elow has worked off and on in the real estate industry since 1990 as a real estate sales agent and consultant. He holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Northeastern University and an Architectural Engineering degree from North Carolina A&T State University. He has worked in corporate America as a Senior Financial Analyst as well as a Civil and Structural Engineer on the Central Artery project.

After Corporate America, he has assisted in creating for-profit and nonprofit organizations and is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Tremont Credit Union and a Board member of Grove Hall Main Street. He has experience in community planning and organizing. He served as the President of the Boston Community Development Collaborative (BCDC), whose mission was to promote and stimulate the development of personal wealth and community economic development. BCDC provided financial education programs, and families were able to increase their level of assets, such as savings and investing.

He was instrumental in BCDC partnering with Tremont Credit Union (TCU) to enhance the financial well-being of individuals in Boston’s underserved communities. Through BCDC’s Breaking the Chain youth program, he taught financial literacy classes at Simmons College. He has taught urban business and economics at Gordon College Boston Campus, the course focused on how business and economics affect poor and underserved communities as well as how trauma has affected the urban economic landscape. He also ran a home-based architectural firm (Elowlian Design) that focuses on innovative residential renovation.

Darryl has broad business knowledge obtained from over thirty years of professional experience in business and economic development, finance, architectural design, engineering, property management, and real estate sales positions, supplemented by formal business education. He has an innate ability in managing and organizing community-based efforts while forging collaborations and partnerships amongst universities, businesses, community, and faith-based organizations, as well as with government agencies. He is very passionate about enhancing the economic landscape in Boston’s inner city, especially in underserved communities.