Lease the Right Commercial Space or Property for Your Business or Secure Quality Tenants for Your Available Space

Tenant Representation

Finding and leasing the right commercial space for your business or nonprofit organization can be complicated. The location of your space can make or break your company’s success. An experienced commercial real estate broker can help you find the ideal property and negotiate the best terms for your commercial lease.

At Jay Nuss Realty Group LLC,  our commercial tenant representatives will act as your advocate throughout the leasing process. We serve eastern Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston, South Shore, and inside of Route 495. Work with our experienced team to:

  • Define Your Commercial Space Needs. We will guide you through the process of analyzing your business requirements in terms of space, set-up, employee considerations, and finances. We will only show you listings that match your requirements.
  • Locate the Best Space for Your Business. We have in-depth knowledge of the leasing market in Greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts, as well as a close network of tenants looking to sublease space (often at rates well below the open market). We also know which communities offer the best incentives to attract new businesses.
  • Negotiate the Lease and Save Money. Commercial real estate leases are complex legal documents with hidden costs and conditions. In addition to the rate (often quoted per-square-foot), you might also be responsible for utilities, taxes, common area maintenance, and escalation clauses. The agreement will also include terms for renewing, extending, or terminating a lease. We will work on your behalf to identify potential trouble spots, ask for concessions and negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions.
  • Ensure confidentiality. When considering a move, you don’t want to tip off your current landlord earlier than necessary. Everything you share with us will be held in the strictest confidence.

What to Ask a Tenant Leasing Agent

Be sure to ask these questions when interviewing a potential tenant leasing representative:

  1. Do you have at least ten years of experience in tenant representation?
  2. Do you have the appropriate amount of time and bandwidth to service my account?
  3. Have you worked with any clients in the same industry or sector as mine?
  4. Can you provide at least three client references?
  5. How are you compensated for your services?

Landlord Representation

If you are a commercial real estate owner or landlord seeking to lease space, your goal is to find quality tenants and maximize revenue. As a landlord representative, Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC can help you:

  • Define a leasing strategy to support your overall property goals.
  • Market your property for maximum exposure and leads.
  • Pre-qualify potential tenants through credit checks and references.
  • Negotiate most favorable lease terms and conditions.
  • Work with real estate attorneys, contractors, and banks.

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