Karen Bunch

Commercial Real Estate Agent & Urban Advisor

Karen Bunch serves as an Urban Advisor as she brings a wealth of experience in the commercial real estate industry, specifically in the Boston market. With her unique style, Karen is highly skilled in building and cultivating relationships while working with integral community leaders and stakeholders when proposing the redevelopment of urban space and sites.

Karen brings critical “know-how” to the table and has a distinctive pulse on neighborhood nuances, and recognizes the importance of garnering support, commitment, and genuine interest from all parties in promoting a comprehensive project development concept. As a member of the Boston community, Karen has established herself as the “go-to” commercial real estate professional for the Mattapan, Roxbury, and Dorchester areas.

As a project consultant, Karen provides advisory services for commercial projects from small to large properties. Karen works to coordinate all phases of the permitting and regulatory process with municipal offices and local community organizations. Where fitting, Karen engages media companies, franchisees, municipalities, and nonprofits for the collective planning and marketing of community initiatives.

Prior to her work in the commercial real estate industry, Karen worked in the corporate sphere, where she used her expertise in fostering partnerships and alliances within the organization. Karen assumed a leadership role while broadening perspective and enhancing growth. As a sales manager for several Fortune 500 companies, Karen’s significant contributions in delivering and maintaining accounts substantially impacted the bottom line. As a marketing representative for a wellness firm, Karen focused on wellness while adopting green technology in assisting clients’ transition from traditional chemical-based products to environmentally friendly products. As a team leader for the marketing staff, she created a successful path for clients to reach their personal goals. She embodies this steadfastness when coordinating and negotiating a commercial real estate transaction.

As an avid supporter of the community during the last several years, Karen has served as the President of Grove Hall Main Street and also sits on the Board of Urban Edge, both nonprofit organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for area residents. Karen, a golf enthusiast, operated the Caddy Scholar Program for the City of Boston for several years, and most recently, she participated in the 2019 Mayors Annual Golf Tournament and was recognized for the longest drive for women at the William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park.