When it comes to educational opportunities, career prospects, and lifestyle, Massachusetts is virtually ideal for the Millennial generation, according to a new study by WalletHub. The study ranked each state’s suitability for Millennials by examining 36 metrics within several major categories, including affordability, education, health, quality of life, economic opportunity, and civic engagement.

We were not tops in all categories. Housing costs in the Boston Metro are higher than the national average, and this helped place Massachusetts 24th in affordability. The study considered housing costs as well as the general cost of living, childcare costs, and the price of a Starbuck’s latte.

Massachusetts ranked highly in the categories of healthcare coverage and income. In general, our Millennial residents are well-educated, socially and civically active, and economically self-sufficient. Our young adults are pretty darn happy and healthy as well, with lower ratios of depression, obesity, binge drinking, and smoking.

The Boston Metro continues to attract young adults, who are drawn to our excellent institutions for higher learning, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and world-class cuisine, culture, and recreation. It’s very likely that Massachusetts will also be the top state for Generation Z in the near future!

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