What your Boston Metro small business stands for, as much as what it does, may influence whether or not Generation Z consumers support it. An HP worldwide survey found that the “Z” generation is socially-conscious, environmentally-concerned, and community-centered. They are also frugal and less loyal to brands than their Millennial cohorts.

This emerging generation of young adults, who are now graduating college and entering the workforce, also stand to become a dynamic force of small business owners. For this highly-connected, tech-savvy generation, purpose is a bigger motive than profit.

The desire to build a better world in tandem with a business venture isn’t new. Companies such as Toms Shoes and Newman’s Own have made charitable outreach a center of their business practices. Gen Z entrepreneurs who hope to accomplish similar feats need to remember a core business step: planning.

If you are thinking of starting your own enterprise, begin by identifying your business niche, and define your purpose and vision. For example, there are thousands of auto repair shops in the Boston Metro, but when you narrow it down to electric cars, the choices are far fewer. If your shop will focus on electric car maintenance and repair, your mission might include expanding electric car charging stations around the Boston Metro. In turn, the charging stations might support your vision to reduce emissions for a more healthful world.

Communicating your message to a like-minded audience is critical! If you do it right, you could win over clients from all walks of life who believe in your purpose, and who will gladly support it by patronizing your business.

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