The 2018 Akerman US Real Estate Sector report has revealed several dominant trends affecting the commercial real estate market. The report gathers data and insights from industry executives and investors across the country. Here’s a summary of the top trends, as published by, along with our views for Boston Metro commercial real estate!

Technology will shape commercial real estate growth for years to come. Demand for commercial space for e-commerce distribution, technology companies, life sciences and medical services is projected to rise during the next three years. The Boston Metro is well-situated to capitalize on these trends, thanks to our excellent institutions of higher learning, and the numerous high-tech companies and laboratories that already call Boston home.

Multifamily is currently the most active commercial real estate sector nationwide. While some markets are seeing a rise in vacancy rates, investment in multifamily development is expected to remain strong for the next few years. Boston multi-family development has been robust for several years, and seems unlikely to slow in the near future. Our housing demand remains high, thanks to the variety of employment opportunities in our area.

Foreign investment fuels much of the momentum behind commercial real estate acquisition in the U.S. The Ackerman report states that foreign investment is at an all-time high, with the majority of funds coming from Europe, Asia and Latin America. As a world-class city with a diversity of industry, Boston is among the top U.S. cities for global investors.

Other influences in U.S. commercial real estate include tax cuts and interest rate levels, which are predicted to have localized effects by industry. And while upheaval in the retail sector will present a challenge to some property holders, the overall economic sentiment is positive.

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