5 Ways to Improve Your Boston Metro Office Environment

A recent article in Boston.com discussed the psychology of office environments, and how making a few changes can improve employee productivity, well-being and happiness. The article is based on findings from Dr. Craig Knight at the University of Exeter, and Alan Hedge at Cornell University. Here are the highlights, along with insights of our own!

Raise the thermostat. Finding a temperature that everyone can agree on isn’t easy, but studies recommend a temperature of about 74 to 76 degrees. Most offices are kept too cold, with over-aggressive air conditioning in the summer, and tepid warmth in the winter. Being too chilly can cause employees to be distracted and restless.

Reduce artificial lighting. Whenever possible, dial back on the artificial lighting, and use natural light to provide ambiance and calm. Direct, bright light isn’t as necessary in today’s offices, thanks to the ever-present glow of our computer screens. Using low lighting in collaborative space and in meeting rooms can also improve creativity.

Have a desk plant. Researchers from Cardiff University and the University of Queensland found that having desk plants improved employee productivity and quality of life. Plants also create a welcoming, calming atmosphere in lobbies and common areas. However, be careful to avoid blooms that could cause allergic reactions.

Use a standing desk. A standing desk can help prevent heart disease, colon cancer and poor circulation. Studies have shown that employees using standing desks were 10% more productive than their seated co-workers.

Display some personal items. Personal décor, including family and pet photographs, kitschy coffee mugs, artwork, posters and other visuals help improve happiness at work. Of course, personal displays need to remain within company policy. If your place of business does not have a policy about personal décor, creating one is the best way to ensure boundaries of good taste.

Another way to improve the office environment of your Boston Metro business, is to change the office location! An experienced commercial real estate broker at Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC will be happy to help you. Whether you are thinking of buying or leasing Boston Metro commercial real estate, contact us today for expert guidance!

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