No matter how big or small the office space, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to go stir-crazy when you’re sitting in a cubicle all day long. In order to keep the employees of your Metro South area business from becoming burnt out and unproductive, I thought that I’d share a few ways to avoid the inevitable “cubicle crazies.” After all, if your employees are happy, then they’ll work harder at their jobs and better share in your vision for success.

It’s no wonder that many who work in Boston’s Metro South area are burnt out, unproductive, and grouchy at work. Nowadays, it’s more common to work longer, more grueling hours in smaller office spaces. It’s enough to give anyone a case of cabin fever. The following five tips will help your employees get out of their funk and start working smarter AND harder:

1.    Encourage them to decorate their cubicles! If they add a funny quote calendar, a few personal photographs, snacks and other personal touches to their cubes, then it will be a far more desirable place for them to be. Looking at bare walls and monotonous paperwork will only negatively impact their mood and productivity. Encourage them to give their cube a bit of pizzazz and it will be a place where they’ll feel much more at home.
2.    Tell them to try to stay positive. This sounds corny, but we are in control of our mood each day. Everyone is going to have good days and bad days, but let your employees know that if they do their best to stay positive and upbeat at work, then their work performance will excel as well. They’ll be more awake, more proud of themselves when things go their way, and, most of all, you (the boss) will notice, which could pay off for them in the long run.
3.    Encourage them to switch things up. If your employees can vary and schedule their task list so that they’re not working on one thing for too long of a time each day, that would be ideal. This way, they can keep a fresh and focused perspective on whatever it is that they’re doing. It’s also helpful to change gears. If you listen to slow and mellow songs in the morning, switch to upbeat and fast ones in the afternoon. It’s these minor changes that will always keep your employees enjoying something new.
4.    Get moving. Sitting all day has been proven to be detrimental to your health. You should encourage your employees to stretch and walk around periodically throughout the day. You could even encourage your employees to take a team walk once per day for a few minutes. It’ll get the oxygen and blood flowing throughout their bodies, and their focus will go up if they get a quick break with this kind of activity.
5.    Don’t be afraid to socialize. If the office environment is friendly and amiable, people will want to be there more. Encouraging an atmosphere where people can have short, brief, non-work related conversations will make everyone happier to be there and allow them to stay focused. Just remember to keep it under control and not let the environment get too distracting.

If you encourage these five behaviors in your employees, you’ll find that the cubicle burnout incidences will diminish greatly. If you have any questions about finding commercial space for your Metro South area business, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask! I’d be happy to give you guidance on the ins and outs of the process.

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