An interesting article in the Boston Globe shared work-from-home forecasts from ten corporate executives from varied industries. The opinions shared offered insight regarding how work-from-home could shape the norms of employment in the Boston Metro. Here are the main takeaways!

In-person interaction is essential for the best creative collaboration. Personal presence aids focus, problem-solving and new ideas. Simply put, teams work better together when they are together and can build from each other’s real-time input.

In-person work strengthens morale, and improves rapport and cooperation. There is a greater sense of motivation and job satisfaction with on-site employment. Being recognized as a contributor and having a physical presence at the table can boost morale.

On-boarding new employees is best done in person. Meeting the team, learning the office culture and identifying with company values is easier in person.

Task-oriented jobs are well-suited for remote work. In many cases, work that is largely self-directed, repetitive or production-oriented can be managed from home just as well as the office.

Remote work solves time-wasting commutes and commute-related stress. According to a 2019 survey, 1 in 5 Boston area workers said their commute was over an hour long. The average commute for Boston metro workers is 46 minutes. About 50% of Boston workers reported their commute as stressful.

Overall, Boston Metro businesses leaders say in-person work isn’t going away. But the longer the pandemic drags on, the more entrenched work-from-home expectations will become. Companies such as Northwestern Mutual, Liberty Mutual, Twitter, Square and Facebook have already announced permanent work-from-home options.

Ultimately, the need for production, profitability, talent retention and cost savings will drive the future of work-from-home. Each company must weigh for itself where the best advantage is found.

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