Thinking about relocating your company to the Boston Metro Area? The timing could be right for relocation, according to a recent article by UrbanBound. The improvements in the economy, along with the progressive recovery of the housing market, have made more Americans willing to move.

During 2012, about 36.5 million people moved households, an increase of 1.4 million from 2011. The  mobility trend shows no signs of slowing down. During January and February of 2013, moving activity is already up by 5.4% over last year.

Not only are more Americans on the move, more of them are relocating out-of-state and cross-country. This is a signal that career motives are behind some of the trends.

According to a survey by Mayflower, this is especially true for young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, who have been frustrated by the slow start to their careers. Surveyed adults in the 40+ age group also indicate a willingness to move, though dual-income households are less likely to pull up stakes.

Meanwhile, corporate relocation activity has picked up after a long slump. Reduced unemployment and an increasingly-mobile workforce caused employers to revive relocation benefits to attract top talent. Relocation of interns is also a growing trend as employers seek to draw the best and brightest college students from around the country.

In the Boston Metro Area, we are fortunate to attract companies and start-ups that take advantage of our diverse, well-educated workforce. Both job-seekers and employers are drawn by the opportunities here, which should support demand for commercial and residential properties, as well as business and consumer services.

The Boston Metro Area is a terrific choice when you wish to relocate a business! Finding the right location is essential to success. As your experienced commercial real estate professionals in Boston’s Metro Area, we will provide you with excellent options for property leases and purchases. We also provide a cost analysis based on square footage, location and the type of building, so that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

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