As CEO’s consider the future of work in the Boston Metro and around the country, one concern is clear: deciding which positions can effectively remain remote, and which tasks are best left to the office. Many executives are turning to employee surveys for insights. Here is a synopsis of opinions gathered from relevant articles in Boston Bisnow and Business Insider!

While the majority of recent employee surveys indicate a preference for work-from-home, there are exceptions. In-person office attendance is cited as beneficial for the following:

  • Collaboration with peers
  • Socialization with fellow professionals
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving
  • In-person encouragement from peers
  • In-person recognition for efforts and accomplishments

In fact, some employees admitted missing the office! This seemed especially true for employees in sales roles or sales support roles. Sales teams reportedly thrive on “friendly competition” with their peers. Respondents in sales positions said they miss the motivation of being “cheered on” by management and co-workers.

Responses such as these, along with the fact that not all positions are suitable for remote work, have employers embracing hybrid work models. Remote work will remain a permanent option for some employees, while on-site work will required for certain positions in the future. Ultimately, office footprints will be reduced for a number of businesses, but the “company office” is not likely to entirely disappear.

As office leases come up for renewal in 2021, we will begin to see how companies intend to structure their operations. It may take a few more years to see what “sticks” once the pandemic isn’t the driving force behind these changes.

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