Boston is among the top five cities in the world for technology startups, beating notable locations such as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Austin. Technology research group Startup Genome ranked global cities by the strength of their business-supporting “ecosystems,” which includes:

  • Funding/startup capital
  • Market reach
  • Workforce talent, education and experience
  • Interconnection
  • Performance/quality

Boston scores well on all fronts. Our advantages include the many institutions of higher learning existing throughout the Boston Metro, as well as the depth, youth and variety of our workforce talent.

A major difference between Boston and other global cities is the fact that our college students stick around after graduation! Boston does not suffer from the “brain drain” that affects so many other cities when college graduates leave for opportunities elsewhere. Cities experiencing attrition in young adult populations find it difficult to attract the tech companies these graduates seek.

Boston’s tech-friendly climate is also supported by a healthy flow of venture capital. In the past few years, VC funding in Boston has accelerated, encouraged by the success of local startups like Wayfair, HubSpot and DraftKings.

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