More and more, commercial real estate properties in Boston and throughout the country are turning to alternative energy options.  This trend, which will continue and grow under the economic stimulus plan, includes a large array of financial incentives and tax credits for installing and implementing alternative energy systems including solar and wind.

Alternative energy companies are now specializing in the sales and installation of green energy systems for commercial and large multi-family buildings. Taking the headache out of being green by facilitating and removing the technical, regulatory, and financing barriers to alternative power.

Wind, solar and other alternative energy developments are becoming a logical and economical choice for the commercial properties as it reduces their operating costs. These new types of energy can significantly reduce increasing electrical and power bills.

These new alternative-energy systems pay for themselves in less than eight years making the cost-savings irresistible to property owners.  Solar and wind energy are good for a company’s bottom line.
Bud Strang, the president and CEO of 6/10, a commercial building developer out of Florida says “For every dollar you save on net operating costs, the value of your building increases by a factor of ten.” So get ready to enjoy great savings while reducing your dependence on conventional utilities and helping the environment.

Many state’s Public Service commissions have adopted rules requiring electrical utilities to buy power back from  from customer’s with alternative energy systems so that the commercial property owner provides full credit for all energy that is generated.

Alternative energy systems also increase the resale value of commercial properties making it a great investment for the present as well as the future.

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