Creative Office Space Ideas

Are you looking for commercial space for your creative work? As commercial real estate agents in the Boston Metro area, we can help you with that! Contact us and we will find you commercial space in the Boston Metro area to lease or purchase that suits your needs.

Once you have commercial space, how will you design it? Will you think outside of the box? That is a growing trend in office spaces. Entrepreneur Magazine recently interviewed and toured New York’s Wonderfactory, which is a digital marketing agency that has taken creative space to a new level!

If you’d like to make your office space perfect for creativity, here are a few ideas that they have implemented:

  • Use one physical design feature that wraps around the entire office. This connects every desk and person by a visual, physical and energetic component. For example, at Wonderfactory, there is a band of wood that starts in the founders’ offices and continues on the floorboards and the desks of employees.
  • Have each of your employees bring in something that represents them. At Wonderfactory, they have a “character wall” with one figurine to represent each employee. The employee chooses the character that inspires them, or who they relate to. This is a great conversation starter and makes every employee feel like an important part of the team.
  • Have a separate room just for creativity. You can keep the desks in one room, but when creative juices need to flow, have a separate, colorful room for that to occur. At Wonderfactory, they had a separate room with bright yellow walls, red couches, a dining room table with a bar of beverages, and even a TV with video games. It looks more like a home than an office.
  • Have another separate room for unwinding. Research shows that taking a break from work can help increase productivity throughout the day. At Wonderfactory, they have a separate library where there is no technology inside. It’s decorated like the 1930’s and features shelves of books, couches, magazines and a piano for anyone to play.
  • Create a cozy, comfortable meeting area. Rather than a typical conference room, Wonderfactory has a small cove with a table made of dark wood. It’s very homey and makes for a much more comfortable, personable meeting. This is great for conferences within the internal team, to make everyone feel closer and more open to discuss ideas.

If you really want to go all out, you could include a secret door into the office, like at Wonderfactory. Otherwise, just incorporating some of these out-of-the-box ideas into your office space could help increase productivity, creativity and comraderie among your team.

Have fun designing your space, and when you’re ready to purchase or lease commercial space in the Boston Metro area, please contact us, your Boston Metro real estate agents!

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