Office environments can have a big impact on employee engagement, according to a recent article in the Boston Business Journal. Here’s what Boston Metro business owners should know!

First, let’s define employee engagement. Put simply, engagement is the extent of an employee’s commitment to your company and its success. Engagement impacts employee productivity, innovation and retention. Ultimately, it affects your bottom line!

One of the ways to encourage employee engagement, is to provide office space that fosters employee interaction and socialization. Dull conference rooms are not suitable. Neither are bland break rooms cramped with vending machines and institution-style tables.

Faced with gathering areas like these, employees are less likely to feel creative or energized, and they are less motivated to be social with co-workers. A lack of employee rapport can stifle collaboration and reduce team enthusiasm.

Ideally, your office should have an “energy center” that invites employees to congregate, socialize, collaborate and share. It should be attractive, open and vibrant. Many start-up companies and corporations have employee common areas that look less like company lunch rooms, and more like upscale coffee shops.

Whether you call it a “collaboration café” or an “innovation center”, this kind of space adds to your company culture. It fosters face-to-face interactions, learning opportunities, brainstorming and teamwork, all within an unpressured environment.

The size of this space should be in proportion to the rest of your office. This is where some business owners go wrong early on; they focus on having plenty of work space, but they put much less concern into employee common areas and amenities. It’s opposite of what a prospective employee will look for when touring your company.

Designing a recreational and collaborative area for your employees is well worth the investment. We are in the midst of a tightening labor market, and competition for talent is fierce. Fortunately, Millennial employees are not motivated by salary alone. Small business owners who offer a dynamic company culture and an attractive collaboration environment can attract and retain great employees!

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