Boston Metro employers once focused on office amenities such as outdoor recreation areas, coffee lounges and on-site cafeterias to attract and retain employees. Today, retaining workforce talent requires an individualized approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all policy or perk.

For example, in Future Forum’s newest Global Pulse study, hybrid work models with a blend of work-from-home and in-office attendance have become the operational standard for many companies. Yet this is an incomplete solution for employees.

The survey revealed that 95% of employees want schedule flexibility more than location flexibility. Employee stress is at unprecedented highs. Workers desire the ability to start the workday later, or stop it earlier, or take a day off, as the unpredictable demands of modern life may require, without penalty.

Yet location flexibility remains important as well. About 78% of respondents said they wanted location flexibility in addition to schedule flexibility. Employers defeat this when there is strict dictation of exactly when an employee must be in the office, without regard to practicality. Workplaces with an every-other-day office attendance requirement are out of favor with surveyed employees, who find such a back-and-forth routine difficult.

While not every employee wants to work from home, those who have caretaker responsibilities say that work-from-home options and flexible scheduling arrangements are essential for them.

The good news for Boston Metro employers, especially those vying for knowledge workers, is that money isn’t everything! Being flexible, adaptable and responsive to employee needs will attract and retain top talent.

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