Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or small business owner, or you’ve got a huge company in the Boston Metro area, you could always benefit from more practice. The more you get it right in the business world, the fewer times you’ll get it wrong! Jay Nuss Realty Group is here to offer some suggestions for you.

Practice makes perfect is an old saying with a modern truth. The best in the business world practice what they do! Excellence doesn’t come to those who wing it. If there were ever advice to give to a business owner, it’s practice, practice, practice!

What are you supposed to practice? Here are some ideas:

  • Practice making phone calls. Do you have to make prospecting calls, or sales pitches over the phone to consumers or other businesses? No matter who it is that you have to talk to on the phone, it’s a good idea to practice with friends or mentors, so you’re ready for a curveball. The best in the business practice until they know what to do, no matter what direction the call takes.
  • Practice voicemails. When making those said phone calls, you’re going to get voicemails a lot. You want to leave a voicemail, otherwise the call is for nothing. Practice what you’ll say in those voicemails! You don’t want to sound scripted, but you do want to sound eloquent, confident and to the point. Practice leaving voicemails out loud so you sound at ease when you actually do.
  • Practice opening statements. Do you have an elevator speech? Do you know what to start off with when on a phone call, or in a meeting, or at a networking event? Whether you’re talking about your company or yourself, or a product or service, you want to attract attention and interest immediately. Make a solid first impression! To nail this, you need to practice.
  • Practice closing statements. Once you get your opening statement smooth and effective, practice your closing statement! Opening statements give you a successful first impression, but closing statements give you a successful lasting impression. For effective closing statements for your line of work, do some research online, read books about it, and even consider shadowing a successful business person that you look up to.
  • Practice setting goals. This one is a little different from the others, but just as important. Unless you have goals for your business, your business will remain at a standstill. There is a technique to setting goals, however. It’s worth taking a course, reading a book or hiring a coach to help you do it effectively. Practice setting and reaching those goals until you do!

Are you ready to purchase or lease space in the Boston Metro commercial real estate market? Where better to practice all of these business skills than in the comfort of your own business space? Jay Nuss Realty Group is here to help! Contact us!

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