As a commercial real estate agent in the Boston Metro area, I know that the location of your commercial space is one of the most important factors to consider, right up there with cost and layout. To help you decide on a location for your commercial space, here are some factors to consider:

  • Commute. Think about where you live and how far you’re willing to travel to work each day. Before you secure new space, your commute time is entirely in your hands! Consider what time you’ll be traveling and what time rush hour begins and ends. Take that into consideration when choosing a location.
  • Transportation. Find out what public transportation is like in the Boston Metro area that you’re looking in. This goes hand-in-hand with commute time. Can you arrive at your location by way of bus, train or bike? What about your customers or clients? Is there parking available for them? How will they get to your business if need be?
  • Competition. While some business owners don’t want to open a location right down the street from a major competitor, other business owners thrive on competition. Consider what your goals are, and take some time researching who your neighbors are and if your business would make a good fit.
  • Target market. Who is the target market for your business? Figure out where that market lives or works and if the potential location of your business will reach them. Do they visit the area that you’re looking in? Will it be easy for them to get to?
  • Amenities. The healthiest employees are ones that take care of themselves outside of work. Therefore, you might want to check out the local restaurants, gyms, parks, banks, shops and other amenities. How convenient is this location for lunch breaks, company meetings and breaths of fresh air?

Luckily, as a Boston Metro commercial real estate agent, I can help you determine which location is best for you and your business needs! We can sit down and talk about your business needs, and I can use my extensive experience and local knowledge to help you find the ideal location.

I work in Boston’s surrounding communities, north, south and west; I can find you a business location that is safe and secure, that is outside of the city bustle, but that is still in a growing, thriving area.

Ready to start searching for a new location in the Boston Metro area? Have questions? Please contact me!

Jay Nuss
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