As a commercial real estate agent in Boston’s Metro South area, I work with many small businesses who, when they relocate to a new area, struggle to get their name out to their new community. With the rise of social media marketing, it’s become easier to keep consumers in the loop about updates with your business, but the biggest obstacle that many run into is getting your Facebook updates seen. This is definitely a frustrating issue; however, there are quite a few ways that your Metro South area business can build more of a presence by getting your posts more views and reaching more people. It’s all about employing the right strategies.

I’ve devoted a lot of time to building up my social media presence, and it’s definitely not easy. I try to give helpful advice to my clients if they express frustration with this marketing medium because I have seen success with it myself, but not without a few obstacles. Here are some of the tactics that I recommend for getting your posts more visibility:

Get more engagement. It only makes sense that the more a fan engages with your page, the more frequently they will see the content you are posting pop up on their news feeds. In order to get your posts more visibility, you need to increase the engagement from the fans that are looking at your posts. Ask questions and encourage participation. The more it seems like you want to hear from your Facebook fans, the more likely it is that they’ll participate on your page.

Get used to posting pictures. Images get shown more frequently on news feeds, and they show up in a more prominent and desirable way than text updates. The more you embrace photos as part of your social media presence, the more likely it is that your content will be seen.

Time it right. When it comes to posting to Facebook, timing is everything. Think about it. When are you most active on Facebook? Most likely, it isn’t mid-day. You are working and so are most of the other people who you are targeting. By posting early in the morning or later on at night, you are increasing the chances that your post will be seen. This will ensure more engagement and more visibility on your page.

When in doubt, advertise. I know that it seems strange and bizarre to pay Facebook to publicize your content, especially since you’re writing it yourself, but think about it because in some instances, this could be well worth the cost. For example, if your business is moving to a new community, why wouldn’t you pay to have this post be advertised to more people and be seen? This way, people will be aware of when you’re arriving in town, and the cost to you wouldn’t be significant.

The frustration that comes with marketing your Metro South area business on Facebook is understandable; however, if you use some of the tactics above, you can improve your posts’ visibility and start building your presence in your community. If you have any questions about finding the right office space for your business, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d be happy to help you get your business situated and settled in your new facility. I hope to hear from you soon!

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