If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business in the Boston Metro, there’s no time like the present! There are ample resources available through the City of Boston, the City of Quincy and the Small Business Administration to help you get started. Best of all, you can begin a new business without large sums of money, if you have time and ingenuity!

Here are some inexpensive small business ideas, with suggestions from Entrepreneur magazine and our own insights!

Concierge services. Everything from running errands, to cleaning snow off cars, to arranging dinner reservations, delivering take-out, and doing web research. Think of ways you can save people time and make their busy lives easier. Specialize in a niche, or offer a suite of services.

Mentoring or teaching. Are you a whiz at website design? A video game expert? A talented musician or artist? Offer to share your knowledge one-on-one. Meet client-students in a public setting before arranging in-home classes. Or, use Skype to reach students just about anywhere.

In-home repair or other in-home services. Handy with home repairs? Great at solving computer problems? Willing to be “on call” if a car doesn’t start? Expert at de-cluttering? Your diagnostic ability and skills could be just what people need.

Sell crafts and unique creations. Sell your arts and crafts online through eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. You could start a service to sell the artwork of others on consignment. You can begin a brick-and-mortar location inexpensively by subleasing. There are also numerous craft fairs throughout the Boston Metro that would help you test the market for your wares.

Professional consulting. Take your career experience to small and mid-size businesses who could benefit by your insights. Whether you are a marketing maven or an operations expert, or a gifted project manager, you could be the problem-solver a company is looking for.

Think through what a day in your business might be like. Create a business plan and obtain any needed permits or licensing. Set up your website and social media pages. Launch your business without needless procrastination. Be prepared for the fact that surprises will happen; you’ll need to make adjustments along the way!

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