How do you inspire your employees?  As we begin a new year, you may be evaluating your  business’s goals for the coming year.  Keeping your employees engaged and inspired is a critical step in reaching those goals.  Getting your team involved in the planning of goals is easier than you may think – here are three easy steps to get started.

Develop.  Ask your employees to come up with one to three goals in two categories:  individual work-related goals and overall company goals.  To make the goal collection process easier, utilize a service such as SurveyMonkey – a free account allows you to create basic surveys that can be sent out to your employees.

Discuss.  Gather your team to discuss their goals.  What can you do as a business owner to help them reach those goals?  For example, if several employee goals revolve around a similar topic or skill, consider holding a training session to further their education in that area.  Pay attention to the goals that they have for the company as a whole as well – look for themes and similarities that can provide valuable insight into the areas that need improvement.

Get creative.  Frequently, goals set at the beginning of the year get brushed aside as the year progresses.  Goal boards are an excellent daily reminder for your team that will help keep them focused on their goals throughout the year.  Set aside a time to create the boards by providing craft materials and magazines to cut out images and words or phrases that relate to team member goals.  You can also provide print outs of inspiring quotes to add to the boards.  Let your team members’ creative juices flow – there is no right or wrong way to create a goal board!  It simply needs to be meaningful to each employee.

Allowing your employees to create a visual interpretation of their goals can serve as a powerful reminder throughout the coming year.  We’d love to hear from you – how will you be inspiring your employees for success in 2014?

Jay Nuss
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