What appeals to millennials when it comes to the workplace?  If you are like many business owners across the country and in the Boston Metro area, this is something that may have crossed your mind.  You’ve done the work to hire young talent – but what is it that will keep them happy at your business? 

A recent article in The Investor outlines some of the workplace features that are appealing to Generation Y.  One top priority of millennials in the work place is open concept work spaces that encourage collaboration.   This means providing space for employees to work together – several tables with plenty of chairs in an open area will do the trick.  Many millennials prefer this setup over the traditional cubicle.  According to the article, natural light and fresh air were also motivators for the millennials surveyed.

According to Forbes, millennials prefer to work for a boss or manager who is more like a mentor than an authority figure.   It can be difficult to strike a balance between boss and mentor, but the encouragement to develop new skills and the ability to be flexible can go a long way when it comes to the happiness of the millennials in your workplace. 

Many millennials enjoy having the option to work outside of the office as well – this can be a nice option to offer, even if it’s just once in a while.  Finally, studies show that it is extremely important to millennials to feel as though they are contributing to something, and that their work is meaningful.

Making some tweaks to your workplace and the way that it functions may prove to be helpful in attracting and retaining millennials as employees.  If you are looking to lease or purchase commercial space in the Boston Metro area, please contact us!  We look forward to working with you.

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