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Decision-making tips for Boston business owners

Every successful business owner has to make numerous decisions on a daily basis. In fact, a study from Columbia University found that we all make at least 70 decisions per day. If you’re a business owner, you most likely make more than that! The Jay Nuss Realty Group is here to inform you that the better your ability is to make decisions, the better your Boston Metro business will run.

The trick is to prioritize the decisions you must make, and to make them effectively each time. Here are some tips that Success Magazine shared for making smarter decisions as a business owner:

  • Turn small decisions into routine. After making so many decisions each day, your decision-making ‘muscle’ gets fatigued. Cut back on the decisions you must make each day by making some routine, such as wearing the same color shirt each day, or eating the same thing for lunch. This will save more brain power for important decisions. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg both used this trick.
  • Make big decisions in the morning. This is another way to beat decision fatigue. Your mind is fresh each morning. Before it gets bogged down with business details, work on your most complicated tasks first thing in the morning. Do this before dealing with minor tasks, such as phone calls and emails.
  • Understand your emotions. Emotions will always find their way into decision making, but understanding these emotions is key. Take a step back and dissect your emotions in the moment. Will a bad mood make you stray from your moral compass? Will your good mood make you overconfident or impulsive? Consider how your emotions are playing a part before making a decision.
  • Don’t wait too long. Anyone who has overthought a decision knows that mulling it over for too long can cause increased anxiety, panic or avoidance. It’s wise to gather as much information as you can before making an important decision, but it’s also important to avoid analysis paralysis. Set a deadline for your decision, so that you know how much time you have to do your research.
  • Exercise. When you find yourself stressing about a decision that must be made, as little as 30 minutes of exercise has been proven to help rejuvenate mental clarity! It puts your cortisol stress hormone to good use, helping you get past the fight-or-flight state, so you can make a decision with clarity and rationality.

For more tips on how to make smarter decisions, check out this article from Success Magazine. These tips are wise for all Boston Metro business owners who make important decisions on a regular basis!

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