Employee productivity is something that every business owner struggles with from time to time.  A team that works efficiently can help take your Boston Metro area business to new levels.  A team that lacks productivity, however, can hold your business back.  Here are some ideas for maximizing productivity in your Boston Metro area office.

Proper delegation of responsibilities is a key element in employee productivity.  Employees that feel overworked may not perform at the level that your business needs to succeed.  Before delegating responsibilities, step back and analyze your team’s skills and current workload.  Make sure that you are choosing the right person for the task at hand, based on their abilities and expertise.  If that particular employee already has a large workload, look at the routine tasks that he or she does on a regular basis.  Can any of those tasks be reassigned, or even eliminated?  Consistently evaluating the workload and responsibilities of your employees is an investment not only in your team, but in your business’ future as well.

Making sure that employees are aware of your schedule and the schedules of other employees is another great way to maximize the productivity in your office.  Using a service such as Google Calendar will help your employees know when you will be available, and it will also allow you to block off periods of time when you will not be available – allowing you to concentrate on your own responsibilities as a business owner.  Use the calendar to note employee vacations or time off as well.  Keeping everyone informed of the various schedules in your office will help avoid waiting to complete tasks and projects.

Finally, you can also maximize your team’s productivity by encouraging a sense of community within your office.  A great way to achieve this is to plan an activity quarterly, or even monthly, that is not business related.  Go to lunch, set up an exercise group, or plan other activities that will get your team involved on a more personal level.  This can help your employees work better together, and will increase their productivity as a result.

Knowing how to maximize the productivity of employees is an essential skill as a business owner.  I hope that one or more of these ideas will fit into your daily business operations.  As your commercial real estate professional in Boston’s Metro area, I enjoy passing along useful information to business owners. And whenever you need information about commercial real estate in the Boston Metro area, we will be here to help you!

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