Finding the ideal Boston Metro location for your business takes time. With the help of experienced tenant representation, the process of finding, leasing or purchasing Boston Metro commercial real estate is more efficient and productive. It will also help you avoid these common mistakes!

1. Unrealistic expectations for current market conditions. Unless you are well-informed about current trends in the Boston Metro commercial real estate market, you may not recognize a good fit when you see it. At Jay Nuss Realty Group LLC, we will ensure you are well-informed and well-prepared for the market.

2.  Lofty proformas. Your business needs room to grow, but you must avoid excessive overhead in the meantime. Be careful about making rosy projections for future business income. Also, avoid making assumptions about sub-leasing excess space; a market downturn can dampen those opportunities.

3. Getting enamored with a specific area or site. Location is an important consideration, but a less expensive area could offer you all the amenities and functions you’re looking for, without the premium price. Be willing to cast your net a little wider. It can be better to locate in an up-and-coming area, than to pay top dollar for a prestigious address.

4. Skipping attorney review of your lease or purchase agreement. While tenant representation by an experienced commercial real estate broker will put you on excellent footing, there may be legal questions or wordings that a broker is not licensed to address. Having the combination of your own commercial real estate representation and your own legal representation is the best way to protect your interests.

Let us help you with your commercial real estate search! When you are ready to begin, relocate or expand your business, team up with the Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC! Whether you are thinking of buying, leasing, or investing in Boston Metro commercial real estate, we can help you find the ideal property, and provide experienced tenant representation!

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