Taking photos of your meal and sharing them on social media will be encouraged at a new Boston steakhouse, opening mid-June. According to the Boston Business Journal, the chef team of Brian Piccini and Chris Coombs chose the location of their second Boston Chops restaurant with Instagram appeal in mind.

Located in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, the new steakhouse at 52 Temple Place will occupy the historic Old Colony Trust Bank. The former bank had already been home to a restaurant, but the new owners have extensively renovated the interior, investing $4 million dollars in the 10,000 square-foot space.

It’s an expensive undertaking for a property that was already home to a failed restaurant. Piccini and Coombs marketing strategy is to make the new Boston Chops an Instagram destination, leveraging the power of social media to bring in diners. A specially-designed diner’s table for Instagram aficionados will feature adjustable lighting, allowing the customer to control brightness and color.

While everyday users of social media will be welcome to snap photos of their dinner, the special Instagram table will be used to attract power-users with large online followings. Piccini and Coombs plan to invite influential “Instragram stars” to the table, thereby reaching the vast social media audiences they possess.

This might seem like a gimmicky approach, but there’s more to the Downtown Crossing location of Boston Chops than a good photo-op. The area features an abundance of night life, which draws crowds of business people, tourists, and theater attendees. Add a unique, yet delicious menu and a memorable dining experience, and you already have a recipe for success.

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