Even the birds are having issues this winter.

Now that the so-called weekend burst of warm air has passed, please be on the alert.  Some warning signs of roof collapse are leaks, cracking, and creaking; therefore, please listen and observe your structure very carefully.  Be your own property manager if you don’t already employ the services of a professional one.  (Our complimentary preventive management fly-over roof service may be of interest to you). The warning signs are there, and can occur at any point in time in the next few weeks.

Of course, it has been widely publicized how important the removal of snow from your roof is, especially if you occupy a building with a flat roof.  Any rain and warm air will only serve to add weight and volume to the existing conditions.

Icicles are also an issue, a big one at that.  Removing them with a hammer is not safe given that you really don’t know exactly where they will fracture or break, where they will fall, or how heavy they will be.  Please be smart about it and, by all means, don’t “go at it just hacking away” without a well thought-out strategy on how to remove them safely.  Above all else, please remember that song “wise men say, only fools rush in” as it certainly applies here.

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