A number of Boston Metro offices once offered coffee shops and arcades to attract fresh talent. Now, many employers are exploring new ways to draw employees back to the office. The Boston Globe recently examined the office perks a few local companies are testing. Here are highlights from the article, along with notes from other business publications!

Subsidized or free cafeterias. Some employers are finding that their office cafeterias were overdue for an upgrade, both in décor and in the culinary offerings. Cafeterias with institutional appearances and fast food offerings are out; cafeterias with comfortable dining rooms and culturally-diverse menus are in.

Off-site and on-site perks. Gym memberships, sporting event or theater tickets, free parking and commuter subsidies are some of today’s in-office perks. Employers are finding opportunities to leverage amenities near the workplace.

New office configurations. Open floor plans with unassigned desks and plenty of collaboration islands encourage spontaneous brainstorming. For employees who regularly come in to the office, dedicated workspace is one of the perks.

Customized workspace. For employees who value privacy and peace and quiet, having their own office to discourage interruptions is priceless. Employers are recognizing that while some workers like to be in the center of the action, others work better alone.

Compromise. Not every job can be done well remotely. Companies are finding ways to offer incentives to on-site employees, while making remote work, or hybrid work, a permanent option where possible.

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