Looking for a cost-effective, easy way to boost productivity and well-being in your Boston Metro office? The answer may be as simple as adding live plants, according to articles in Wired, CIHPR, WorkDesign and more. Studies cited include research by Texas A&M University, Surrey University, Washington State University and the University of Technology in Sidney.

The bottom line: the presence of live plants make a measurable difference in human health and psychology in the workplace, which in turn affect productivity. Here’s how!

Live plants produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. Indoor plants also reduce and remove chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air. Additionally, they help arrest airborne particles and reduce the spread of mold, dust and bacteria.

Live plants reduce noise levels naturally, which allows offices to reduce or eliminate their use of “white noise” sound devices. The latter can sound like low-level static and be detrimental to productivity, even though employees may be accustomed to the background hiss. In large, open space such as lobbies, cafeterias and conference rooms, use tall, lush plants in the background reduce echo.

The presence of live plants reduces stress and helps employees become more creative and productive. if it isn’t feasible for a small live plant to be kept at an employee’s desk, be sure plants are easily visible in the work area.

Live plants in the workplace help cool the air while improving natural levels of humidity. This can allow your office to dial back the air conditioning.

When you’re recruiting new team members to your company, the sight of live plants can make your applicants more relaxed and receptive to your workplace!

Choosing the right plants for your Boston Metro office includes considerations about the natural light exposure they will receive, and the care they require.

There are many inexpensive, low-maintenance indoor plants that can cheer up your workplace quickly, such as potted bamboo or peace lilies. Small ficus trees are a great addition to your lobby or common areas. For more ideas, visit dengarden or ambius. When choosing indoor plants for a home office, be sure to research them for suitability around pets or children.

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