It could always be worse, but consider some positive points – our trade deficit has finally decreased after so many years of the reverse situation; gasoline has dropped from over $4.00 per gallon for regular to $1.63 per gallon which I just paid to fill up – a total cost of $26.00 felt much better than paying $68.00 for that same fill up this past June; housing is becoming more affordable; it is only a matter of time, I believe, before many high profile greedy names on Wall Street will be imprisoned; our savings rate has finally started to increase – it seems to have been in negative territory for eons; since I have been investing in equities, I can’t remember when stock prices, especially those of some outstanding companies with great fundamentals, have been so cheap – I don’t know if we have hit bottom yet, but I believe we are at least bouncing along the bottom.   It there was a time to buy low and ultimately sell high, I believe we are there – this week I am buying

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