Homeowners are often told to spring clean their homes this season, but what about office space? How often do you clean that? This a great reminder that a good, thorough cleaning of any space is a smart idea. You’ll breathe cleaner air, you’ll feel less cluttered, and you might even feel happier and more productive when in a space that is clean and organized.

Jay Nuss Realty Group is here to offer you some spring cleaning, organizing and upgrading tips for your Boston Metro office space! Choose which of these your space could use most:

  • Clear the clutter. Clutter adds up fast in the office. The first step to a cleaner space is to go through your desk clutter and remove what you no longer need. Toss or recycle old papers you don’t need, free giveaways that you have lying around, or cords or technology you never use. Bring a paper shredder into the office and have everyone shred unneeded papers together! Schedule an electronic pickup day. Make it easy for everyone in the office to declutter together.
  • Clean everything. Once the clutter is gone, give your office a deep clean before any new clutter makes its way into the space. You can hire someone to come in and do this, or you can do it yourself, especially if you work in a small office. Dust, wipe down the walls, desks and any counter space, clean the windows, clean out the refrigerator and coffee maker, vacuum the floors, etc.
  • Upgrade the space. Now that your space is clean and organized, how about adding something new and fresh? This small step could make a huge impact on the motivation of your employees, and yourself. Consider painting the space a new color, or just paint one bold wall. Add some beautiful artwork, nature scenes or inspirational quotes to the wall. Upgrade the computers, or the Wi-Fi, or any other type of outdated technology you have in the office! Happy employees help make a company more successful.
  • Green your space. Find ways to make your office space more eco-friendly. Add plants to the office, for better air quality and visual appeal. Implement a recycling program if you don’t have one. Add hand dryers in the bathroom to cut back on waste. Add a water delivery system that will cut back on water bottles. Bring in reusable plates and cups for the kitchen or break area. Everyone loves an office that cares about the environment!

To keep your Boston Metro office space clear of clutter, create a filing system, whether it’s for you or your whole office team. Implement strategies that will keep the space clean and organized.

These are great spring cleaning tips for an office of any size. Whether you’re working in a home office, or you work in a multi-million dollar office campus, a little cleaning goes a long way.

When ready to relocate or expand your business, contact the Jay Nuss Realty Group team! We are here to help you buy or lease the ideal property space for your business in the Boston Metro commercial real estate market.

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