Office organization can be tough to keep up with as a Boston Metro area business owner.  Meetings and daily business responsibilities can add up to clutter and disorganization.  There are some simple strategies that you can implement to help keep your office organized, and we have them for you here!

  1. Declutter.  This step gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start.  Shred papers that you no longer need.  Get rid of anything in your office that isn’t necessary and/or hasn’t been used in a long time.  This includes desk accessories, furniture and supplies.  If it’s not being used, it’s just taking up space!
  2. File digitally. How much actual paperwork do you need to keep in your office?  Are you able to create a digital filing system?  By transferring some or all of your files to the computer, you’ll be able to clear out physical space in your office for other things.
  3. Create a “waiting for response” folder. If you have items on your desk that are waiting for a response before you can file or proceed otherwise, put them all in a “waiting for response” folder.  Thumb through the folder every few days to easily see what you need to follow up on.
  4. Create a “to be discussed” folder. This folder is for any items that might need discussion at upcoming meetings or employee reviews.  Keeping everything in the same place will also help you be more prepared for last minute meetings!
  5. Create zones. You probably use different areas of your office for different purposes such as filing, supply storage and a main work area.  Take a few minutes to make sure that each of your “zones” has the appropriate supplies.  Filing supplies should be easily accessible in the filing area, and any supplies that you use on a day to day basis should be stored at your main work area.  Keeping the items that you use frequently close at hand will help your day flow more smoothly.

We hope that these tips and techniques will help you keep your office organized!  If you are planning to start or relocate your business in the Boston Metro area, we are ready to help.  Our years of experience will help you find your ideal space.  Please contact us today!

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