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Social media is a significant piece of today’s marketing puzzle. If your business is actively engaged on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, then more people will find you in internet searches.

The research for social media posts is ever-changing, and that’s why it’s a good idea to keep up with it. Here is the latest research on the ideal lengths of social media posts on each popular social media platform. This is a summary of the information from a Social Media Today article:

  • On Twitter, the ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters. While Twitter allows you 140 characters per tweet, medium-length tweets were found to be most retweeted and replied to.
  • On Facebook, the ideal length of a post is less than 40 characters. This is rather short for Facebook, but research has found that these ultra-short posts receive 86 percent higher engagement than others! Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66 percent higher engagement.
  • On Google+, the ideal length of an article headline is less than 60 characters. The shorter headlines come off as more readable; however, the overall post length can be up to 156 characters and still get good activity.
  • For article and blog headlines, the ideal length is six words. Research has found that we tend to only absorb the first three words and the last three words of a headline. So anything in between gets lost. If you do use a longer headline, make sure the important information is in the first and last three words!

The article goes on to talk about blog post length, paragraph lengths and email subject line lengths. Definitely check out the article in its entirety for more information.

These tips are always worth reading, and if you’d like to increase your social media engagement, try putting them into practice and seeing if they help. However, the important thing is that you are engaging with potential customers and other local business owners as much as possible.

As Boston Metro commercial real estate agents, we engage on numerous social media platforms! We share content on the commercial real estate industry, small business tips, social media tips, latest technology updates, local Boston Metro events and activities, and so much more.

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