Is your Boston Metro office organized to support the business methods of the past? Workplace consultant Despina Katsikakis at Leesman Review warns this is a common problem for many companies. Here are some of her points, as published in Realtor Magazine Online, along with thoughts of our own!

Katsikakis says that traditional office design was designed to support the uninterrupted flow of paper processing, with an emphasis on visual supervision. Now that connectivity and access to information are the priorities of business and society, traditional office design is an impediment.

Instead, business owners should embrace “social office design.” This office space concept includes multiple destinations within the workplace, such as quiet areas for individual production, common areas for collaboration and meetings, and social areas such as courtyards and cafés. These areas should be mixed in pockets throughout the office, instead of sectioned into large, big-box spaces.

Overall, the idea is to create a small “virtual city” that offers a variety of functionality within easy reach of all employees.

Katsikakis emphasizes that today’s workflow requires office space that can be easily modified to meet changing needs. Flexibility is a necessity of the modern workplace, applying to both physical office space and office lease terms.

As social office design wins wider adaptation, office environments will eventually shed mazes of cubicles, discard rows of desks, and remove clusters of windowless meeting rooms. They will be replaced by dynamic settings and environments that intentionally blur the boundaries between personal workspace, collaboration areas and social spaces. In turn, this will improve creativity, sponsor innovation and encourage work-life balance.

Best of all, research at Leesman Review indicates that social office design results in improved productivity and greater profitability!

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