Do you have a spring cleaning plan in place for your commercial property in the Boston Metro area?  Spring cleaning isn’t just for homeowners!  A deep cleaning in the spring provides a more comfortable environment for employees and customers alike.  Here is a quick checklist that covers some of the areas that may be needing attention after this harsh winter!

  • Clean windows, inside and out.  Salt and dirt buildup from the winter can decrease the amount of light coming through your property’s windows.  Clean them up and let the sun shine in!
  • Clean carpets and entry mats.  Months of tracking in snow, salt and dirt can be hard on your carpeting.  Have it professionally cleaned to wipe away those last traces of winter.
  • Clean gutters.  Get ready for the spring rains and avoid water damage by cleaning out your gutters.
  • Clean up the parking lot.  As the winter snow melts, there is often debris and garbage lying around that quickly becomes an eyesore.  Take the time to clean it up – it will make a dramatic difference in the curb appeal of your property.
  • Power wash the exterior.  This is especially important if your property is near a roadway or parking lot that gets a lot of traffic.  Salt and chemicals used on the road can splash up onto your building and cause corrosion.  Power washing in the spring helps to remove this residue and will help your exterior look its best.

Overall, maintaining a clean commercial property inside and out is beneficial for your customers and employees, and can save money – waiting too long to care for your property can cost more in the long run.  As your commercial real estate experts in the Boston Metro area, we enjoy passing along helpful tips to business owners, commercial property owners and investors.  We hope that these tips will help you get started on a spring cleaning plan for your commercial property!

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