One of the things that I enjoy most about my job as a commercial real estate agent in Boston’s Metro South area is that I get to work with local businesses. I enjoy watching my clients grow and develop, not only because I can help them find new office space as they expand, but also because whenever I do help them relocate, I notice their excitement and enthusiasm. A new office space means a “fresh start”, and for many businesses, that creates a new environment of positive motivation.

Now, fast-forward to six months later. Once the excitement of relocating wears off, many are back to the same routine, and office morale may have diminished.  In order to make sure your company keeps expanding, you need to keep that initial enthusiasm going, because it’s that drive and passion that will make sure you continue to grow and eventually move into an even better office space.

I thought of some ideas that might help you keep your business motivated and on-track on a regular basis:

•    Create some healthy competition. Nothing gets people going like some incentive. Give your employees a $100 gift card for meeting their monthly goals or give the highest-producing employee for the quarter some much-deserved vacation time. The promise of something special will make people work harder and keeps business moving in the right direction.
•    Encourage friendly interaction at work. Friendly being the key word. Sure, you want everyone to stay focused and on-track throughout the day, but expecting everyone to sit in silence is not only unreasonable, but mind-draining, as well. If your employees are allowed to have appropriate, casual conversation throughout the work day, their productivity will increase and the environment will be more enjoyable for everyone.
•    Play music while you work, or let your employees work with headphones in. Studies show that music stimulates your brain, gives you a better memory and increases your productivity. Sure, you don’t want to hear anyone’s songs blasting through the walls, but allowing employees to work with their headphones in will increase everyone’s concentration levels and focus.
•    Don’t sweat the small stuff. This can be difficult to do when you take your work so seriously, but whenever it seems like you’re in crisis mode, just ask yourself, “Will this REALLY matter five years from now?” If the answer is yes, by all means, make it a priority and give it your attention. If the situation is minor, it’s best not to stress yourself about it. It will make the entire office environment much more positive if you let the small issues roll off your back.

If you foster a positive and motivational work environment, your employees will be more productive and your company will continue to grow and prosper, allowing you to eventually be in the perfect office space for your business. These suggestions above are designed to help you create that sort of atmosphere in the office. If you have any of your own that you’d like to add, feel free to write it on my Facebook page or comment on this blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you’re a business looking for office space in Boston’s Metro South area, feel free to contact me. I’d welcome opportunity to provide the right advice and direction. I hope to hear from you soon!

Jay Nuss
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