Artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing part of Boston’s technology sector, and it’s poised to keep the Boston Metro at the forefront of innovation. According to the Boston Business Journal, it’s one reason why Boston’s economic and strategic benefits outweigh the growing costs of housing and commercial real estate space.

Financial companies are among the most eager to incorporate AI into their business operations. As merger and acquisition activity continues to reshape the financial industry, AI is seen as a way to absorb the complexities of merged data, while reducing the reliance on myriad layers of human resources.

As financial companies seek new business locations, the availability of AI plays a key role in their site selection. Boston’s depth of advanced technology, along with its highly-educated workforce, is attractive to financial companies and other businesses who seek to leverage AI.

A fear of job losses is an ongoing part of the AI debate. But technology has been replacing jobs and creating new opportunities for decades. Analysts expect that AI will become a defining factor for cities in the future, creating a new generation of haves and have-nots. Boston is squarely positioned to be in the “have” category, with a leadership role in AI development and enhancement.

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