Most office workers aren’t in a hurry to return to the traditional workplace, according to a recent survey by Slack. A survey of 4,700 white-collar professionals revealed that only 12% desire to return to full-time office work. This group is outnumbered by the 16% that would cheerfully avoid the office, given the opportunity.

The good news for Boston Metro’s office sector is that the majority of surveyed office workers, about 72%, desire a hybrid of remote work and in-person office attendance. Effective collaboration, clearer direction from management and better oversight of projects were among the benefits cited for in-person office work. Yet this same group desires flexibility in their work schedule and the freedom to work from home to some degree.

Of the 12% who would rather return to full-time office attendance, the most common reason cited was a lack of appropriate workspace and/or work equipment at home. Others miss the social interaction and routine offered by the workplace. Nearly all in this cohort disliked the blurring of lines between their professional and private lives.

Currently, a number of high-profile employers around the county have made remote work a permanent option for their employees. Yet these companies appear to be the exception rather than the norm. Most Boston Metro business leaders seem to favor a return to normal office functions when conditions allow. We will take a look at their reasoning in a future post!

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