The 40-hour work week isn’t what it used to be! According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 59% of employees believe the traditional 9-to-5 work day is a thing of the past. 49% of employees check business emails after they leave work. Another 45% percent of employees work beyond traditional office hours. The CareerBuilder survey included private sector employees of various industries and company sizes.

These findings are similar to those of a 2014 Gallup survey published in According to the Gallup survey, full-time employees worked an average of 46.7 hours per week, the highest number of hours in ten years. About 21% of surveyed employees reported working between 50 and 59 hours per week.

Overall, full-time salaried employees have the longest typical work week, averaging 49 hours. Full-time hourly employees average 44 hours per week. Industries with the longest work weeks include information technology, medical, and sales.

Extended work hours and stress can make employees less productive and more prone to job burnout. Tech companies realized this quickly, and it’s one reason they offer some over-the-top office perks like arcades, on-site taverns, pet accommodations and so on. Nor are tech companies alone when it comes to perks. Some life insurance companies and financial corporations offer free cafeteria lunches and employee health incentives.

While Boston Metro small businesses and start-up companies may lack the budget for big employee perks, there are several ways to improve office amenities. These include:

  • Offering better nutritional choices in vending machines, cafeterias and break rooms
  • Outdoor patio and green space for lunch breaks and recreation
  • Indoor walking paths
  • Natural light and live plants
  • Meditation rooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • Leave-early Fridays or flex-time arrangement
  • Comfortable work space and ergonomic office furniture

Also, think of simple ways to give your employees a breath of fresh air – literally! If your location is suitable for it, why not hold your next team meeting outside, weather permitting? Small changes can lead to big improvements!

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