Despite the fabled freedoms of working from home, a 2018 survey by Randstand shows that most employees appreciate, and even prefer, having a company office to work in. This is good news for Boston Metro commercial real estate, where new office space seems to be continually under construction – and in demand!

About 62% of employed respondents in the Randstand study said they prefer working in a traditional office environment to working at home. Surprisingly, respondents aged 18 to 24 had an even stronger preference to working in a company office, with 65% of them in favor of it.

This is not to say that working from home is dead. 66% of all survey respondents desired to have the option to work from home, or work remotely from another location, at least occasionally. The majority desired “work agility” that would allow them to work from different locations, or work different schedules.

Some of the challenges faced by work-from-home staffers include the inability to match the same resources provided by a company office, such as:

  • Dedicated work area
  • Technological equipment
  • Direct access to support services and management
  • Social interaction

Even when employers supply the necessary equipment to facilitate work-from-home arrangements, some employees prefer the interaction with co-workers, amenities and feedback that being in an office provides. Simply put, many employees see the office as a place to belong.

In recent years, more companies have transformed their office space from “cubicle farms” to open, multi-purpose work areas with a campus feel. This helps attract and retain workplace talent, and may have much to do with the office preferences expressed in the Randstand survey. 

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