If you need help finding commercial space for your business in the Boston Metro area, I’m your go-to source! As a commercial real estate agent in the Boston Metro area, I have the experience and knowledge to find you the ideal space for your business’s needs.

Once you have that commercial space for your business, you want to make sure that you design your office to meet your needs and demands. Each individual desk should create an ideal workspace for each employee. In the words of an ergonomist, “your workspace should fit you like a tailored shirt.”

To help you out with this, Entrepreneur Magazine created a checklist of what each ideal workspace should have. According to the article, performance increases by 10 to 15 percent when a workstation fits your needs! If you’re a business owner who sits at a desk, check out these tips:

  • Don’t hunch over your desk. This strains your neck and lower back and will cause immediate and lasting pain. The following tips will help improve the way you see your computer, and will therefore help with the slouching and hunching.
  • Read your computer screen easily. Entrepreneur Magazine suggests that you hold up a dollar bill to the screen. The text should be as big as the serial number on the dollar bill, which is about 3.5 mm. The larger the text, the less you have to strain your eyes or hunch your body closer!
  • Give up the phone. If you’re sharing space with others, you can’t use speakerphone all the time, but at least invest in headsets for you or all of your employees. If you have a question for a fellow employee, you could always get up and ask in person, which is a great way to stretch out mid-day.
  • Adjust your chair correctly. You don’t want to sit too low, which strains your lower back, but you don’t want to sit too high, which puts pressure on your knees. Your feet should easily touch the floor, with knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Place keyboard and mouse at elbow height. A pull-out shelf is ideal for this. You also want to choose a thin, flat keyboard that won’t distort your wrist, and a mouse that fits your needs. Everyone is different!
  • Adjust your monitor correctly. Ideally, the monitor should be at eye level and positioned an arm’s length away from you. Any closer or farther could cause strain on your neck and/or eyes. A monitor that is perpendicular to a window has the least glare.

Bookmark these office design tips for when you find the ideal commercial office space in the metro Boston area. If you need help finding office space, contact me! As a commercial real estate agent in Metro Boston, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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