Finding the right office space in the Boston Metro involves a number of details. Your new commercial space must meet your business needs and your budget, while offering the best possible location. It can be daunting to know where to begin! To help you, we’re sharing some tips from Entrepreneur magazine, along with insights of our own!

1. Determine how much space you need. Tools such as office space calculators can help you get started. Consider the number of employees you have and the amount of space required for each employee. The average office allows 100 to 125 square feet per employee. Also think about how much of your current office space is allocated to private offices, shared equipment and so on. Allow some room for future growth in your estimates.

2. Search for your new office space early. Start looking at least six months before your current lease expires.

3. Work with a commercial real estate broker who offers professional tenant representation. There are many costs over and above the rent you pay for your defined leased premises. Landlords and property managers want to generate the most money possible; if you don’t know what concessions to ask for, they’re not going to offer them to you.

4. Have a checklist in hand when you evaluate properties. This helps ensure that important details are not overlooked. You will want to compare the costs of utilities and services, common area maintenance, taxes and so on. You should also compare lease terms,  subleasing clauses and escalation clauses. At Jay Nuss Realty Group LLC, we will search for properties meeting your criteria, and help you cover all the bases.

5. Compare the advantages of buying vs. leasing Boston Metro office space. Consult with your commercial real estate broker, tax preparer and financial planner. Owning your commercial property could help you control some of the costs of doing business. We will help you compare all of your options!

Ready to begin, relocate or expand your company? Team up with an experienced commercial real estate broker at Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC! We provide professional tenant representation to help you find the ideal property. Whether you are thinking of buying or leasing Boston Metro commercial real estate, we can help! Please contact us today for expert guidance!

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