Looking to recruit more Millennials for your Boston Metro workplace? A 2017 study by research firm IPSOS says that office environment matters more than you might think! Here are some key findings from the survey!

Based on the survey responses from over 2,000 working adults, Millennial employees view the office environment as evidence of a company’s culture. Offices with “cubicle farms” that feature grids of identical workstations – surrounded by walled-off management – can literally drive hiring prospects out the door.

Specifically, 76% of young adults reported that office design and aesthetics affect their impression of a company.

This is a significant difference from older cohorts in the study. Only 39% of employees aged 55 or more indicated concern about office environment.

Even if your employees have never complained about the office environment, it doesn’t mean your employees are content. 70% of all respondents said they wished their employer would consider upgrading the office.

Office location also matters more to Millennials than to those aged 55 or older, though both groups gave it importance. 70% of young adults said that office location plays a strong role in their job decision. About 41% of employees aged 55 and older said that location was a prime concern. Access to public transportation and local amenities contribute to a location’s appeal.

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